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Meet the team: Ryan Homer

A day in the life: Ryan Homer, Project Manager

Typically, I’ll start the day by catching up on emails and with the various project teams.

The nature of the work we do at Malin Abram means that the projects are constantly evolving therefore communicating with everyone involved is key. This means that much of my day is spent contacting our clients, sub-contractors and other key stakeholders.

An important part of my day is sorting through the information at hand and prioritising into urgent and non-urgent tasks, including checking that all projects are running to budget. Each project is equally important; whether a multi-million-pound turnkey project or a comparatively straightforward road move, we treat each of our client specs equally- This becomes one of my main tasks then – working out what needs to be addressed urgently and taking the appropriate action.

One of the best parts of the job, and integral to working through my task list, is finding novel solutions to our client’s problems. Having knowledge of the overall scope means I have a unique position whereby links between different processes are apparent and because of this it’s possible to come up with innovative solutions which cover all bases.

I obviously don’t do this on my own and my input to the meetings with clients and the Malin Abram Project Engineers/ Naval Architects / Structural Engineers is only a tiny part of the solution. These meetings are genuinely interesting and insightful, and I often come away having learned something new.

I enjoy the fact that on any given day I can be handed something completely different – from fabrication to consultancy to turnkey transportation projects – which although can be challenging, means I am always learning.

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