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Meet the team: Helenor Fisher

Helenor Fisher, Brand manager

My day begins with a review of planned activities, which on any given day may range from preparing a press release announcing one of our exciting new projects, to attending a photoshoot to capture assets for our website or brochureware. The range of activities I undertake on any given day can be challenging – as the list is never exhausted – but it is also why I love my job so.

Each and every day is varied, with opportunities to speak to colleagues across the business to capture the exciting new work they are undertaking and translate this into a variety of forms to communicate to clients. My job enables me to tell the Malin story, showcasing colleague’s innovative work, and how we are working to impact environmentally – but also technically, to push the boundaries of knowledge in the sector. This may be through the creation of a tailored marketing campaign, maybe digitally, outdoors or through trade publications – or with website development, brochure copywriting or the development and delivery of a social media strategy. This may be followed by a quick bite to eat with colleagues or a short walk to clear my thoughts and refocus.

I also spend much of my day analysing performance of materials to date, to critically reflect on what is working, what needs to be changed – and how we can continue to refine messaging and platform usage going forward. In this way, my role represents a fantastic, and seldom found balance of the creative and the logical, the analytical and artistic. And the day often finishes as it began, with a review of progress and plan for tomorrow – knowing that the plan will no doubt change and adapt by morning…and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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