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The Type 26 project moves ahead!

Malin Abram recently performed the stern block site move for the Type 26 project for BAE Systems and the Royal Navy.

Our team moved the large stern section of the vessel, to allow building to continue, and involved site visits, engineering, and management of the operation. SPMT’s were selected to block, providing the manoeuvrability required for such a large move. Harnessing our experience and expertise in the area of large and abnormal loads, the block was successfully aligned with the existing section of the vessel, to millimetre accuracy.

This is the latest stage in the project, which the team secured in December 2019, to transport and launch the iconic Type 26 vessel on the banks of the Clyde.

This latest contract with BAE Systems affirms the strong relationship between the two companies, dating back to the group shipping the Trident pressure hull rings from Glasgow to Barrow in the late 1980s – and a continued supportive relationship across all major naval projects since.

John MacSween, Managing Director, said: “We are thrilled to be working on this project with BAE Systems, on behalf of the Ministry of Defence – it provides the opportunity to deliver an iconic project on the banks of the Clyde, and will involve the employment of a team of local naval architects and engineers for the next 4 years as we help launch this first batch of vessels. Thanks to BAE Systems we will be able to bring a new capability to the Clyde in the form of one of the largest floating dock barges in Europe and sincerely hope this attracts other significant marine manufacturing projects to the west coast of Scotland.”

The contract marks a first for us, representing a move to equipment ownership via a joint venture between the Malin Group and Augustea, where a barge will be modified to accommodate the size of the Type 26 vessel. After modification the barge will be one of the largest in Europe and be based on the Clyde between projects. It’s ability to submerge and load vessels and cargo with draughts of up to 10m and 140m in length adds an exciting new capability to the area. It is hoped this new service will catalyse further opportunities for the wider supply chain and put the West Coast of Scotland on the map as a place of business for major marine engineering projects.

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