Bespoke weighing system

With a history dating back over 120 years, Malin Abram have a solid heritage, teamed with extensive expertise. This respect for trusted practices, is combined with a drive for innovation, with a commitment  to provide creative solutions to meet our client’s needs. One area we are regularly employed to assist with is the weighing of large items, from new build ships to large steel structures. With this ongoing requirement we have worked to develop an innovative, effective system to enable clients to efficiently and accurately weigh items as required.  

Malin Abram have the capacity to weigh items up to 1,000 tonnes including providing a centre of gravity location. We use our own equipment and software, with our team on hand to attend the client site, set up the system and carry out the weighing operations.

Where our clients regularly require a weighing solution, Malin Abram are able to provide a bespoke system that can be purchased by the client. We consult with our clients to design a system that is right for them, provide engineers on site to assist with the setup and offer through life support for any queries, maintenance and calibration.

We pride ourselves on not only offering a product, but an end to end solution.

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Malin Abram weighing system

Our specialist weighing system utilises 150 tonne capacity wireless compression load cells.  Specialist software, through a wireless connected laptop links the load cells and collates data, producing a precise weight and detailing the centre of gravity (CoG).

We can offer the system as a short or long term option: it can be set up to take a weight reading at a defined time or may be hired out long term (with your item being built atop the cells) to give continual weight readings, if these are required.

Clients are provided a full service with this system, including:

    • Weight and CoG report for item being weighed
    • All required engineering and drawings for the weighing arrangement
    • Structural integrity checks for the item being weighed
    • Weighing procedure
    • Risk assessment
    • Labour and project engineer on site to run weighing operations

bespoke weighing system

With a focus on specialist projects, we have developed an innovative new system that enables us to offer clients a bespoke weighing system. In this case, clients are provided an in-depth consultation service, to then deliver a tailored system.

Akin to the Malin Abram standard system, this option may be used in the long or short term, but is of particular benefit for longer term projects, offering clients real cost and time efficiencies, combined with accurate readings.

Clients are provided a full service with this system, including:

  • Load cells ranging from 5-1000 tonnes
  • All support/engineering/draughting/consultation as required
  • Procurement and delivery of system
  • Through life support (calibration, maintenance, servicing, etc.)

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