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Sea fastening design

Drawing on over 120 years’ experience in shipping and cargo transportation, our dedicated project engineers are here to provide a bespoke, cost-effective securing solution that suits your cargo and the vessel it is transported on.

With experience of design of sea fastening ranging from simple lashings to complex steel welded designs to suit project cargo ranging from under 40Te to excess of 12,000Te, our engineers offer the highest standard of design, unfaltering attention to detail, all laid out in clear, easy to understand documentation. We operate a first-class Quality Approval system under DNV-ISO 9001:2015 to ensure all documentation is thoroughly reviewed and approved in-house before being issued.

Contract Records

Contract record M187

Here we carried out the design of sea-fastenings, barge grillage and transportation frame for a 9500 Te Jacket Structure

Contract record M173

This project involved the design of grillage mats and sea fastenings for the transport of convection and radiant modules.

Contract record M344 - 07

Engineering work for the transportation of 1 off Carousel spread from Ravenna, Italy to Baku, Azerbaijan on the barge DRS 3.

Contract record M368

Consultancy services to a supplier of air cushioned barges for various operations from launch, through to delivery.


Load out and transportation for a range of cargo for Trans Global Partners (TGP)

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