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Suitability surveys

Our operational experience combined with our chartering and engineering expertise provides us with the ideal background to carry out a range of survey activities on vessels and of marine assets.

Subject to your requirements, our team can provide a tailored service and carry out surveys such as:

  • General surveys – including draught surveys, structural surveys, 3D scanning, etc.
  • On/off hire surveys – carried out at the start and end of a charter period to minimise disputes over condition or repair costs
  • Suitability surveys – required to ensure that all contractual and functional requirements can be met by the asset

Whatever the purpose of the survey, our team will deliver clear and detailed reports, confirm that the asset under consideration is as required and, if we think otherwise, will provide constructive advice and feedback to ensure that your project is a success.

Contract Records

Contract record M206-CR-01

This project required us to conduct an on-hire and a suitability survey on two wind farm support vessels.

Contract record M199-CR-01

This project was to develop a transportation solution for the delivery of a range of flexible umbilical and cable.

Contract record M350-CR-01

This project involved an in-depth study of port facilities and associated costs for the following: laydown area, quayside length and suitability for a variety of vessels.

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