Heavy Lift

We work with our clients, worldwide, to provide a value add service across all facets of heavy lift – including technical, operational and project management services.

We are driven by our client’s needs – as we do not own equipment, vessels or cranes. Instead, we work to ensure clients hire the optimum level of equipment from as wide a supply chain as required, giving the best overall outcome at a realistic price.

Through feasibility studies, we work with clients pre-tender to identify optimum solutions for handling, movement, lifting, shipping and installation. This significantly de-risks the tender phase by solving many operational issues at the earliest stage.

We can offer full turnkey pricing on all heavy lift projects, with the scope tailored fully to meet your needs. We can complete all operations on your behalf, from hiring all equipment, as well as assessing the integrity of the equipment for handling. You may require third party review of shipping, craneage and heavy trailer operations and engineering, and we are on hand to help with this. In addition we can offer expertise in design, build and installation. This is teamed with full integrated project management of all services provided by all contractors involved in the heavy lift operation.

Malin Abram redefine what you can expect from a heavy lift partner. We offer project management expertise in the area of transportation, no matter how specialist, as well as a full range of technical services. These include cargo verification studies, in addition to design and build of complex lifting and handling equipment.

Heavy lift to us is more than the operational side of supplying cranes, ships, barges and heavy haulage. We offer specialist lifting beams, complex cradles and handling jigs, as well as the design and manufacture of bespoke handling and manipulation toolsets for manufacturing and maintenance applications.

Our team of engineers can assess your needs and propose optimum solutions based on equipment that is readily available for hire or more specific, long term bespoke solutions incorporating hydraulic actuators and custom control systems.

No matter the size or scope of your project, we are on hand to offer guidance and support. All initial consultations are free of charge – simply contact us to find out more.

Our Mission and Values

Our mission is to "build innovately on the values and experience of our heritage, to be an expert partner to our clients on a global scale."

This is a mission that we share, along with our key values.



We are true to our family values and heritage, have respect for industry best practice and place the client needs above all else.

We demonstrate expertise, value continued training and development and are committed to always finding the best possible solution.



We are committed to ingenuity, innovation and continuous development in our service offering and processes on a local and global scale.

We are solutions focused and have a commitment to demonstrate impartiality and trust in all that we do for our clients and colleagues.

the CD01

The CD01 is one of the largest barges in Europe. A  joint venture between Malin Abram and Augustea, it can submerge to load vessels and cargo with draughts of up to 12m and over 137m in length.

Due to its highly versatile design, it can be used for both deep sea transport of large vessels and cargo. This combined with its sheer size – as one of the largest in Europe – makes the CD01 an enviable and popular asset amongst our global client base.

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