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Global integrity checks on cargo

Structural checks on the cargo is often an overlooked facet of heavy lift transport, with the assumption that the cargo will be able to take the loadings associated with sea transport and the risk is passed back to the client. However, structural checks on the cargo may be taken from the FEED stage with immature data and assumptions, or worse, not carried out at all. The structural integrity of an item of cargo is just as important as the stowage and securing arrangements. If the cargo is not designed for sea-going loads or wrong assumptions have been made when checking the structural integrity for sea transport, then there is the possibility the cargo is damaged, or worse is lost at sea.

As such, there are any number of reasons why you may wish to check the structural integrity of a cargo you are transporting:

  • maybe the original design made optimistic assumptions about sea-going loads, and original design team has moved on
  • maybe the support condition or securing positions have changed through necessity of stow and securing methodology
  • perhaps the warranty surveyor is raising questions or
  • perhaps the cargo and carrying vessel’s interactions are complex

Regardless of the situation, we are on hand to offer an in-house structural analysis service. This may include modelling and analysing various types of structures from simple frames to complex hull forms, combined with structural analysis ranging from first principle checks to full dynamic, non-linear finite element analysis.

If you have something big to transport, it is often assumed that it will be strong. However, whilst it will have areas of high and low structural load capacity, so will the carrying vessel or barge. This raises a myriad of questions, from knowing where to support so that it doesn’t break, to knowing if the difference in deck stiffness across frames and bulkheads is going to change the loads going into the cargo.

We understand structures and vessels, and we have vast experience in putting the two together in a fashion that ensures neither of them are going to fail during transportation. We can tailor our offering to suit a range of budgets and risk profiles and offer everything from first principle checks, to dynamic non-linear finite element analysis.

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