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Stability checks and naval architectural services

Ship stability is a critical component of a vessel’s ability to sail from one port to another. As cargo is loaded or unloaded, this alters the ship’s floating condition and changes the stability. Thus, making an assessment of a vessel’s stability is a key part in successfully delivering cargo onboard.

Our dedicated engineers have the experience and expertise to undertake static, and more complex dynamic, vessel stability checks against various standard industry codes, tailored to your specific requirements. These can range from a basic check on a vessel’s metacentric height, to the building of a computer model in order to further assess both damaged stability and longitudinal strength of a vessel.

We also offer a wide range of additional naval architectural services through our experienced and diverse team of naval architects and engineers. This includes technical support with vessel design, construction, modification and repair. We can carry out vessel condition and cargo surveys, assist in compliance and approval with classification society requirements, and carry out design evaluations in conjunction with various standard industry regulations.

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