Lifting, Shipping and Haulage Services

This may cover the delivery of a cargo to a loading port, handling all permits, heavy haulage, cranes and access restrictions in the case of a land move, or looking at all aspects of inland waterway movements and transhipment in the case of delivery via local canals and river systems to a client supplied sea going vessel.

In other cases, the client may require us to supply the seagoing vessel or tug and barge, with all loading and discharging requirements handled in-house. Here they will load the cargo to our vessel and we will then take receipt as it is landed to the deck and be responsible for securing it for sea transport.


Whether you require us to supply a crane and some bespoke lifting equipment, oversee sea fastening installation or arrange for site surveys and road transport, we can manage any subset of the range of services in a typical heavy lift contract – and do so with contract terms that best suit your needs. 


  • One off, heavy lift chartering, and equipment hire
  • Scope specific to clients needs
  • Ability to take on any part of the heavy lift and logistics
    supply chain
  • Flexible client support
  • Ability to flex services offered depending on potential
    changes in client requirements

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