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Design and build of transport cradles and frames

During transportation, cargo can experience onerous loads from vessel motions. As such, it is imperative to support the cargo and transfer these loads into the grillage or vessel effectively. This can be achieved by way of bespoke transportation jigs and frames. Our extensive experience in the operational role, combined with structural design expertise allows design and build of fit for purpose transportation frames for all manner of cargo: from pipe reels to warships.

Our engineers are here to design to whichever design code or class society you require, using the appropriate methods, whether it be first principle calculations or finite element analysis. Our design process is supported by our first-class quality management system under DNVGL-ISO 9001:2015

Contract Records

Contract record M187

This project involved the design of sea-fastenings, barge grillage and transportation frame for a 9500 Te Jacket Structure

Contract record M256

Here we undertook a feasibility study as well as structural verification on a proposed sub-frame design

Contract record M322

Here we carried out the design and supply of a Transportation Cradle for the docking, sea transportation and preservation of the RML 497 vessel.

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