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Design and build of grillage

When assigning a cargo to a ship or barge, aside from the physical fit of it into the vessel, the cargo weight and centre of gravity must be taken into consideration. When dealing with heavy lift cargo especially, there is a need to ensure that the vessels’ underdeck structure can withstand the loads imposed by the cargo during seagoing conditions.

When the vessels’ internal structure is unable to withstand such loads, bespoke grillages need to be installed to ensure loads are distributed from the cargo support points into the vessels deck structure to avoid damage to either the cargo, the vessel or both.

We can assist with this process, undertaking thorough investigations and cargo checks to ensure suitable grillage configuration. Strength and load distribution are also checked to ensure the shipment requirements are always met. Combined with build support from our sister company Malin Fabrication, we can offer a turnkey solution to satisfy your complete needs.

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