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Design and build of fabrication cradles and jigs

When constructing large plated structures with complex shapes, it is often necessary to first build a jig or cradle to ensure the shape is maintained.

We are here to support with the design and build of bespoke, cost effective cradles and jigs for the Marine and Defence industries specialising in shipbuilding. We provide a full turnkey service undertaking the design, build, and transportation of your structure with specialist project management at all stages. Utilising the broad range of skills across our teams, we quickly understand your requirements and develop a holistic approach that saves both time and money.

Our engineers will complete your design to whichever design code or class society you require using the appropriate methods, whether it be first principle calculations or finite element analysis to undertake efficient design. Our design process is supported by our first-class quality management system under DNVGL-ISO 9001:2015.

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